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The DIFFERENT (DIgital beam Forming For low-cost multi-static spacE-boRnEsyNtheticaperTure radars) project tackles the development of low-cost highly-integrated compact radar for formation flying multistatic SAR applications. The project objective is to reach unprecedented levels of integration, modularity and compactness for SAR antennas and RF front-ends, while tackling the challenge of high resolution and wide swath imaging through wide-bandwidth operation and Digital Beam Forming (DBF) techniques. The cost, mass and power consumption of SAR can be reduced significantly, due to the passive (i.e., receive only) radar concept as explained in the following. The capabilities of SAR will be further enhanced by employing a dual-band SAR concept where a shared-aperture dual-band dual-polarized array antenna will be integrated with the RF front ends. DIFFERENT activities will advance remote sensing techniques improving the technology available to the SMEs in the consortium pursuing two main objectives.

DIFFERENT addresses key challenges in Earth observation technologies with the objective to reduce costs, weight of SAR instruments and to improve their performances.
An innovative Digital Beam-Forming (DBF) SAR concept for space-borne remote sensing applications will be developed
Advanced highly integrated solution will be adopted resulting in a compact dual-band dual-polarization DBF SAR system.
A shared-aperture dual-band radiation board will be designed and integrated with the RF MMIC and DBF chip in a single module.

Project Title

DIgital beam Forming For low-cost multi-static spacE-boRnEsyNtheticaperTure radars

Project Reference: 606923


Project Coordinator: Silicon Radar GmbH

Start date: 01/01/2014

Duration in months: 52 months


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